Polka-dot wedding theme

I know its not a very festive theme for this time of year, but a beautiful Christmas card I received got me thinking about polka-dots!!

If you are having a summer wedding, a polka-dot theme is a great way to add a fun element to your wedding day! But even for us Winter Brides, polka-dots can can still feature in the styling – just use them with winter colours!

Polka-dots can be used throughout your styling; from the stationery to the Bridesmaid dresses! In fact, you can use them ANYWHERE!

Whether you are after soft pastel shades or bold primary colours, polka-dots will fit in PERFECTLY!

Take a peak at the images below; are they not just gorgeous?!


3 thoughts on “Polka-dot wedding theme

  1. I want to know who designed the tea length polka dot wedding dress! I love that dress and cannot find any info on it. Help!

    • Hi Peggy,

      I don’t know the exact designer of the polka dot dress, however, Vivien of Holloway does some FAB polka dot dresses, and there’s also some brilliant sellers on Etsy which also create custom made polka dot dresses for quite reasonable prices!

      Hope this helps!

      itsabridesworld xx

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