Bride’s speech

Many Brides are choosing to prepare and present their own speech at the wedding – sometimes in place of the Groom’s speech if he doesn’t want to do one, and sometimes in addition to the Groom’s speech.


As far as entertainment goes, doing a speech is completely free, and guarantees a few laughs from your guests. Its also a lovely way to thank those who contributed to your special day personally; even though your partner will probably do this in their speech, its still a nice touch to say a little thank you yourself.

So what should be put into your speech?

As I’ve previously mentioned, thanking family and friends and those who have contributed is pretty important – especially parents and bridesmaids. This will probably take up 90% of your speech.

The remaining 10% should be directed towards your now official legal partner!!! Make this part a bit jokey – being mushy is good, but end your speech on a joke to keep your guests entertained!

Although you don’t want to spoil the freshness of your speech, its probably a good idea to run the speech past your other half; just to make sure you’re not repeating what they say too much.

And remember, you probably will cry at this point!! So make sure you have a hanky or tissue to hand to BLOT (not rub) around your eyes. And BREATHE!! You don’t want to rush your speech and make it be over with in 30 seconds, so make sure you take time to breathe between each part of the thank yous.


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