One major setback, but every cloud has it’s silver lining…

Due to some unfortunate family circumstances that have recently arisen, Mr M and I have had to postpone our wedding for another year.

Obviously we are both gutted, but we’ve been trying to look at this setback positively; at least this way we can spend more time planning the finer details of the day, and the pressure is off us to organise our special day whilst also buying a house.

I have now got the task of rearranging everything, and hoping that suppliers (and the venue) will be kind and not charge us extra for changing date etc – after all, we do still want their custom, just not for another year! And also I will have to re-order our Save The Date cards as they’ll have the wrong date on them. Luckily they were free from Vistaprint, and so hopefully I can take advantage of another great deal (or freebie preferably)!

But don’t worry, even though we will have another year to plan and save up extra money, I am still going to make our wedding a small-budget-friendly, DIY, extravaganza and will be hunting for more bargains along the way!!


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