Crying on your wedding day

I know that I will be a blubbering wreck on my wedding day. Not because I’ll be sad, but because I’ll be so insanely happy, tired and emotional that I’ll have finally married the man of my dreams. 

Ever since that ring was pushed onto my finger, I’ve become an absolute baby – I cry at EVERYTHING remotely sad or moving, and its guaranteed if its wedding related.

So like most Brides, I am worried that I’ll just look stupid for crying all day; and doubly so if it results in mascara running down my face.

But there are things you can do; and here are a few of the tips I’ve gathered from all those newly marrieds out there!


  • Listen to your walking up the aisle music for weeks and weeks and weeks before your big day (preferably on repeat) – this will help to take away the emotional connection between choosing a piece of music to walk up the aisle to and it starting an emotional reaction.
  • Have a hankie to hand – they are practical, a wonderful keepsake, and make for good photos during the ceremony.
  • Wear all things waterproof (make up, that is!) – there is nothing worse than mascara running down a girls face; especially if it is the Bride!! Grab yourself waterproof mascara and eyeliner from your local Superdrug/Boots or request it from your make-up artist.
  • Wear false eyelashes if possible – if you are still worried about your heavy tears being no match for even the best waterproof mascara, falsies are the way to go! They are cheap, and can be fitted at home or in a local salon.
  • Breathe!!! – take a few deep breaths before you start to walk down the aisle, and remember to carry on breathing on your walk down to your partner. It sounds funny, but if I start to cry, I try to hold my breath, and then when I do have to take in some air, thats when the tears start to shower down my face!
  • Get a good night sleep – I know that if I have a really late night, then my emotions will be heightened the next day. Have a relaxing bubble bath, get into your PJs early and relax the evening before.

And REMEMBER… if you do start to cry, BLOT YOUR EYES with a hankie or tissue, don’t rub around the eye area!!! Or you’ll need your make-up re-doing before the photos!


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