Our wedding budget

The main factor that guides the planning of someone’s wedding, is the budget they have to play with.

For some couples, budget is not an issue, but for others (including myself and Mr M), it is the biggest challenge throughout the entire process.

Its really important to create a list early on of all the things you will have to spend out on – but be aware, this will most likely have changed by the time your big day comes around!

So what should be on this list?

I’ve put together a list of all the areas of expenditure you should be aware of based upon what I am budgeting for myself. Of course, there may be areas that don’t apply to you within this list, and equally there could be things I have not included that you may want to add.

How much money you allocate to each of the areas really depends on the feel and theme of your wedding. For example, Mr M and I are not big on flowers as we both get hayfever so they do not take up much of our budget. However I do know of Brides who have spend more than £600 on flowers, because that was the feel of THEIR wedding and they couldn’t imagine having anything less.

Be honest with yourself though, and take into consideration inflation and additional extras that you may not at first have thought about – there is no point in trying to make your budget look smaller in the short term, when in reality it will expand by 50%.

The table below shows the different areas of cost that Mr M and I will be paying for. The figure entered into the budget column is the highest amount we’ve predicted we will pay. We are however hoping to shave off at least 25% off the total predicted cost, by doing a lot ourselves and finding the best deals.

Some of the costs are non-negotiable. For example, the registrar costs a set amount, and the food will cost a certain amount. But lots of the areas can be DIY’d by myself and Mr M which is how we will save money.

Its really scary when you write it all down!!!



Registrar £ 400
Notice of Marriage  £70
Wedding Certificate  £5
Venue Hire Charge  £500
Wedding Rings  £600
Stationary  £50
Postage  £20
Groom’s Clothes  £100
Usher’s Clothes  £300
Shoes  £30
Underwear  £30
Accessories  £20
Wedding Dress  £400
Bridesmaid’s Clothes  £200
Catering  £3500
Cake  £200
Drinks  £1500
Table Decorations  £100
Flowers  £100
Favours  £80
Music/DJ  £550
Photography  £500
Guest Book  £50
Wedding Night Hotel  £100
Honeymoon  n/a
Thank You Gifts  £100
Misc.  n/a


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