My DIY ‘will you be our Bridesmaid’ cards

Mr M and I have chosen to have our sisters as our Bridesmaids, and I wanted to give them a little something to remember being asked by – ideally a card.

I searched for WEEKS for an appropriate card, but couldn’t find anything that I really liked, and the ones I did like had a minimum buy attached to them (usually a minimum of 4 cards) which was more than I needed.

So I decided that I’d have a go at making my own using scraps of paper from my own craft boxes!

And this is them!!

They were really quite easy to make (the walk-through for making them can be found under the ‘DIY’ page) and I’d completely finished them both within an hour. The picture isn’t great, but I’m quite chuffed with myself!

If in doubt, have a go at making them yourself!! Most people would appreciate something handmade more than something you could buy off the shelf (though I was totally prepared to do this if I found something I liked!).

For non-DIY cards, check out eBay, Oh So Cherished and Etsy!!


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