So you have your wedding photos.. now what?

Some photography packages include a wedding album within the price you pay, however, if like myself and Mr Mr, you want the freedom to choose your own album, at a price which is more agreeable with your budget, then choosing a ‘disk-only’ package can be an affordable option.

But what do you do with the mountain of photos?

Firstly, do not rush picking the photos just so you can say ‘would you like to see my wedding album?’ to every person who enters your front door! Take your time to really look at each of the photos; you may not notice straight away that in one of the photos there is a handbag in the corner of the picture, or that your eye is slightly closing.

You will probably receive hundreds of photos; our photographer takes over 400 photos at a half day shoot, most of which she puts on a disk for the couple to look through – so you can imagine how hard it will be to choose between the different variations.

Once you have whittled your photos down to around 40-50 of your favourites, you can start to create your photo album! There are so many different options to choose from, so the world really is your oyster!

There are some gorgeous albums you can buy off eBay, or online companies, where you simply slip or stick your photos in which can look excellent and can be created quite cheaply! Many Brides opt for a leather album, but I personally quite like the Mulberry paper covered albums as they have a kind of traditional weddingy look about them, whilst also looking quite earthy and natural.

Another option is to create a photo-book. There are so many companies which can create gorgeous photo albums for you, and some of the ones with best recommendations are online, here are just a few:

  • Jessops
  • Vistaprint
  • Tesco
  • Truprint
  • Snapfish
  • Bonusprint
  • Photobox
  • The Photo Book Store
  • Blurb
  • ASDA
  • Smilebooks
  • Boots

..the list is endless!

Mr M and I are personally going to use Blurb… I have seen another Bride’s wedding album that she created and personalised online and I was in awe! It looked fab, and was quite reasonable in price (and a tiny fraction of what it would cost to have an album made up by a professional photographer). She did mention she had some issues with things not being quite right which is something to bear in mind, but on the plus side, all issues were corrected for free and the end result was brilliant.

It is always nice to give the parents an album and framed photo of you and your partner to display in their home (not to mention keeping one for yourself!), so make sure you consider this when deciding which company to use. Some companies offer albums in different sizes; a good way of saving money here is to present your parents with a smaller album than the one you wish to keep in your home. The photos will still look gorgeous, and your parents will still show all their friends, but you don’t have to spend quite so much on presenting albums to them.


  • You do not have to rush this process! Take your time and choose carefully which photos you prefer the most (this is especially true if you are having an album made by the photographer – these photos are for life)
  • Don’t forget to look through photos taken by friends and family – your photographer, although they will try, cannot be everywhere at once, and one of your guests may have to caught something your photographer hasn’t

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