Cake love

Mr M and I looooove cake! And although we won’t be spending loads of getting a ‘designer cake’, it doesn’t hurt to dream!

A top tip I was recently told, is that if your budget doesn’t stretch very far in the car department, pop over to your local supermarket and buy a few of the off-the-shelf wedding cakes and then take it to your local cake baker and often they will decorate it for you!!!!

This is a cheeky (but money-saving) way of getting a gorgeous cake, but at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay!

Marks and Spencer also do fab wedding cakes for a few hundred pounds, which not only look great, but taste great too! However, there are a couple of important things to remember if you are considering buying from M&S – firstly you need to order your cake a few months in advance. It does say on the website that it should be ready if you order 21 days in advance, but I have heard quite a few horror stories of where the cake wasn’t ready for the wedding!! So order early! Secondly, if you are marrying between the 22nd and 27th December (or the day before or after) then ordering from M&S is a no go. Cakes are NOT able to be collected between this time so even if you do order early, you’ll have wasted your money. That is unless you are buying an all-fruit cake, as they’ll stay perfect in their box for 15days!

Take a look at these beauties for cake inspiration..!!

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