Wedding insurance – is it worth it?

These days people feel like they should insure everything they value in case of any problems arising, and weddings are no different.

With couples pouring so much money into their special day, many choose to protect themselves by taking out wedding insurance. Wedding insurance can protect against problems with your suppliers, wedding dress and suit damage, extreme weather and cancellation due to illness or bereavement.

Wedding insurance is definitely something Mr M and I will be taking out. Although our wedding budget isn’t huge and compared to some couples we don’t have quite so much to ‘lose’, issues could arise due to the weather at the time of year we are holding our big day – winter.

Wedding insurance can cost as little as £18.20 (a one off payment), and can be tailored to your specification. Many companies offer different bands of insurance, based upon how much you consider your wedding to be worth (for example, you have paid a total of £5,000/£10,000/£20,000 for your wedding). Of course every penny spent on something like wedding insurance is an extra cost that you’ll have to work into your budget, and it may not even be  needed in the end, but I’d personally have peace of mind and spend £20 to protect against loosing £5000.

There are loads of companies which offer wedding insurance; some are very familiar high street names! The most important thing to do is research which one is best for YOU and YOUR wedding. Many can be tailored to your needs; for example if you are not having a cake, you can choose not to cover that in favour of protecting your ‘priceless’ shoes.

What’s even better for Bride’s planning a wedding that isn’t imminent, is that some companies allow you to purchase the insurance up to 2 years in advance, which gives you piece of mind – especially in this financial climate where businesses are no longer guaranteed to be stable.

Here are just a few of the companies Mr M and I are considering purchasing from:

  • Debenhams
  • John Lewis
  • E and L
  • Ecclesiastical

Links to the websites mentioned above can be found in the Directory, but it could also be worth your while to visit a comparison website and see if there are any better deals out there!! compares lots of different companies for you!


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