Autumn wedding – photo inspiration

With all the excitement of setting a date for my marriage to Mr M, I jumped straight into thinking about winter wedding inspiration and totally bypassed all you autumn Brides!

Autumn is my second favourite season – the temperature may drop yes, but the sun still shines, and I love the transition you see in the natural environment between summer, autumn and winter.

The most obvious colour scheme to lean towards if you are planning an autumn wedding would be yellows, oranges, reds and browns, as this ties in perfectly with your surrounding environment. Of course, you can go against the grain and not use these colours at all! I’ve seen plenty of Brides who have gone for navy blue, or fushia pink instead and it hasn’t looked out of place at all!

Use the natural environment to your advantage; grab handfuls of different coloured leaves and dry them out to use as confetti or table decorations, carve numbers into pumpkins to use as a multi-functional table centrepiece and table number! No one will think of you as silly; in fact your guests will most probably be impressed with how you have incorporated the changing seasons into the big change that is happening in your life!

Check out these fab inspirational images to give your wedding dreams some substance and guidance!


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