Presents for your Groom

It has become tradition for the Bride and Groom to buy a present for each other to give to one another on the morning of, or night before the wedding – I’m not entirely sure why, as surely making the promise to marry each other is thanks enough? But however you look upon this idea, most couples these days tend to buy a little something for each other.

Men are notoriously hard to buy for at the best of times; they tend to only show enthusiasm for things that are way out of any average person’s budget, which makes having another occasion to buy your man a gift even more painstaking.

So where do you start?! I’ve seen and heard of loads of fab ideas thought up by some clever Brides which I thought I’d share with you to give you some inspiration!

  • Cars

Now I’m not suggesting you should buy your husband to be a brand new car as a thank you gesture, but an affordable way to give your petrol-head man a morning to remember is to hire a car to take him to the ceremony.

Whether he is into vintage cars or flashy new sports cars, there are plenty of affordable companies around where you can hire something fab. An even more affordable way of hiring a car is to contact your local motoring club – most towns have a group of motoring enthusiasts, some of which may be willing to drive your husband to the ceremony in their own car. Just make sure you write a contract, to protect against them not turning up, or breakdowns etc.

  • Autographs and memorabilia

A lot of men love sport, and so purchasing a signed photo of their favourite sports personality, or getting a tshirt or ball signed for them often goes down very well with sports-mad men.

These can cost a fair bit however, so an alternative FREE option is to contact the sports club, and ask for a personalised letter to be sent to you so you can present it to your partner.

  • Jewellery

A lot of men won’t wear a lot of jewellery other than their wedding ring, but something that most men will wear is a watch. A lot of Brides like to splash out on a new watch for their husband-to-be, hoping that it will make sure they arrive to the ceremony on time! I bought Mr M a watch for Christmas last year from the – it was exactly what he wanted but cheaper than buying from the designer itself. Another watch alternative is a personalised pocket-watch. They can be engraved with a message of your choice, and it is a great heirloom to hand down to any future children you may have!

Still on the subject of jewellery, cufflinks are another affordable but fab idea. There are even sellers on eBay who will personalise the cufflinks with your partners initials for less than £10!! Bargain!!!

  • Boudoir shoots

One saucy way of making sure your man gets to the alter is by presenting him with an album of tasteful but sexy shots of you, taken professionally by a photographer.

Guaranteed to please, these photos are an affordable way of providing your husband-to-be with a memorable present, whilst raising your self-confidence at the same time! Your photographer may even offer this as part of their packages!

  • Oh so cherished journal

This is a fab little book, which has a set list of statements that you apply to your relationship with your husband-to-be.

Check out the website to see the full list of questions – I think these are a wonderful and emotion-provoking present which will really be appreciated by your Groom before the big day! Make sure you leave him some tissues though!

  • Groom’s goodie-box

I have decided to make Mr M a box of goodies as my wedding present to him, as I cannot decide on just one thing to get him!! HOWEVER, I have a tidily-tiny budget, and so all the items I will be getting him will be totally bargain-ous! They may look odd to an outsider, but make perfect sense in our little world.

To give you some idea of what could go in there, here is a list of things I’ve seen other Brides buy for their partners:

  • Aftershave
  • An alcohol miniature
  • Hanky
  • Hip flask
  • Socks and underwear
  • Sweets
  • Paracetamol (in case of too many Dutch courages the night before)
  • Mints
  • Watch
  • Cufflinks
  • A love letter/card
  • Mini photo album/oh so cherished book/boudoir album

..the list goes on! All these items above can be picked up really cheaply, and excluding the watch, you could probably get all the items for less than £100 if you look for the deals and bargain hunt!

However, the most important thing to remember is that you are giving each other the most important and amazing present ever – a lifetime together!! No present however expensive will match that, and so it’s important not to waste money by spending silly amounts on presents that ultimately will not be remembered until after the big day has passed.

If you don’t have a huge budget, make a Groom’s goodies box; set yourself a budget, and DON’T go over it. You WILL be able to find fab gifts for your Groom that are cheap and affordable, but that help to convey your love for him.

Having you as his life-partner is the biggest and best present he could ever wish for!


2 thoughts on “Presents for your Groom

  1. I LOVE the oh so cherished journal idea! I had no idea something like that existed! :D <3 I think I might do one of those for my mum and for h2b :D Thankyou so much for all the wonderful ideas you put on here!!!

    Megan xxxxx

    • Hi Megan!

      Glad I’ve managed to help you a little bit!! And hank you so much for taking the time to comment!! You can also get the Oh So Cherished Journals for your Bridesmaids, which are quite a nice touch if you’ve known them for years and have loads of photos of them!!

      Good luck with your wedding, I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

      itsabridesworld xx

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