Winter wonderland weddings – photo inspiration

December and the festive season of Christmas is not that far away now (sorry to all you Scrooges out there!), and so I think it is about time I start sharing the winter holiday joy through some inspirational photos!

I am a December Bride, and so I have been looking for inspirational photos to spur my imagination when organising my own wedding.

Winter is a time for rich, bold and punchy colours to be used within a colour scheme, and luckily this gives you quite a lot of choice! The colour most commonly used during this period is red; it is a bright, bold and festive colour which is perfect to add warmth to your decorations. However, Brides are also choosing to use blues, purples and golds to focus their colour scheme around; all which work perfectly during the winter months.

Here are some of the images I’ve fallen in love with whilst planning my own big day!

I cannot wait to get married next winter!

I want snow (only a light dusting, not country-wide crazyness snow), faux fur shrugs, frosty trees and lots and lots of candles!

I personally am having gold and chocolate brown as my wedding colour scheme; its warm and cosy, yet luxurious at the same time, and works perfectly with our venue which has lots of exposed wooden beams. The chairs we’ll be using to seat guests are burgundy red, so this will inject a little extra warmth and depth into the colour scheme.

If I could only choose one photo to express my wedding theme it would be this one… <3


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