Wedding websites

When I first told Mr M I was in the process of making us a ‘wedding website’ he actually laughed. However, when I showed him how useful they can be, and how much information can be uploaded on there so not to clutter the invitations, he was actually very impressed.

There are many different versions of wedding websites; some are better than others. These are just a couple of the ones I’ve found:


I chose to use getting because I randomly came across a website created by a couple who married at the same venue as we shall be, in November last year!

You can upload photos, create wedding party profiles, have an online gift list, give information about transport and local accommodation, plus loads more! And best of all, the ‘basic version’ (which actually isn’t very basic) is totally FREE!!

You can even personalise the web address with your names; for example, johnandkate@getting, and make it totally YOU!!

Despite originally being laughed at by Mr M, I am really pleased that I’ve created one for us; it’ll be particularly helpful nearer the time when things start getting finalised!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can even create an online RSVP facility for your guests to respond to online!!! How cool is that?! Save money on postage, save trees and paper versions and have all your responses in one place… Sounds genius to me!!

I’m still currently editing our one, but once its all done I might share the link with you..!


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