Save the date cards – Vistaprint

I originally thought I’d hand-make all the wedding stationery in the run up to our big day, but when I found a fab deal on Vistaprint I couldn’t say no!

For less than £10, I received 50 oversized postcards, personalised by having our photo on them and our choice of text! I uploaded a black and White photo of us, and added a couple of captions to the image to explain what the recipients were receiving. I used ‘we’re getting married’ at the top of the image, and in larger letters at the bottom I used ‘save the date’ and entered the date below.


It’s important to note, that these were offered to me for free originally and although there were loads of different free options, I really wanted to make the save the dates fun, and so I uploaded a photo, which incurs a charge. The £9.08 I was charged was made up of the photo fee, postage and packing charges and VAT. However I did also order a free personalised t-shirt from them as well which was worth £6.99 on it’s own, so when you work out the actual cost of what was bought, it works out at really good value (in my opinion).

Also on offer, were various different styles of invitations, magnets, postcards, business cards – either for free, or dramatically reduced prices.

I do feel like I am banging on about Vistaprint in loads of my posts, but it’s a website that I have found to be brilliant, affordable and great quality. So if you are on a budget, it is always worth keeping an eye out for the deals that are being offered, as there may be something that is exactly what you are looking for, and for a price you’d never expect!

One last note; if you do choose to upload a photo onto the website to personalise an item, you pay a ONE OFF fee – you do not have to pay each time you use it on their website!! Fab!!!

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