Its all coming together..

Its been a busy few weeks at the itsabridesworld hub; I’ve been grabbing bargains for my own big day, left, right and centre!!

I have so far bought all the thank you presents for our families and bridal party (everyone’s expect for Mr M’s present) and I spent a good half an hour sitting on the floor in Hobbycraft last weekend trying to find the ‘perfect’ shade of paint to jazz up my wooden Mr & Mrs letters!!

So far this week I have bought the cardstock for my invitations (will come onto this more in a sec), bought some cute little embellishments for the sweetie jar favours we are giving to our day guests and I also bought some wooden table numbers for the wedding breakfast tables which I am going to paint the same colour as the Mr & Mrs letters – all the result of hours of bargain hunting research!!

So, coming back to the cardstock for my invitations… I was in Hobbycraft at the weekend and they have got bumper 100 piece A4 white/cream/coloured fab quality and thickness card, for only £4.99!! If you are hoping to make your own invitations and will be using this type of card, then get yourself down there ASAP and grab yourself some! I haven’t even seen it as cheap as that on my good old friend eBay (taking into account the added costs of p&p etc)!!

Its also important to remember, that by spreading out the costs of buying all the little extra items you want for your wedding, it is easier to manage your money and be able to afford what you want. However, you MUST keep a record of all the spending you are doing on your budget planner – £10 here and there adds up very quickly!!!

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