Questions to ask your potential venue’s coordinator

It is really important to ask lots of questions when viewing potential venues to make yourself aware of everything you are and aren’t allowed to do, and all that is involved with hiring the venue. 

As Mr M and I are off to visit our first potential venue this weekend, I put some feelers out on the You and Your Wedding chat forums, to find out what other Brides had asked their venue coordinators and thought I’d share the results with you!

  • Do they give a discounted rate for kiddies meals?
  • What time does the bar stay open till..(?!)
  • Are you allowed to throw confetti?
  • Are there any planned renovations or building work?
  • Will you be the only bride on the day at the venue?
  • Are candles allowed?
  • Do they charge for cutting the cake?
  • Will someone represent the venue all day and oversee everything?
  • Does hire include tables and chairs/dancefloor?
  • How does catering work – i.e. do they do the catering or is it from a recommended list of suppliers?
  • Availability?
  • Any Negotiation on price?
  • Hire times?
  • How many staff will be attending to your wedding?
  • What decorations they will have up?
  • What is happening on the days either side of your wedding?

And finally, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING (no matter how trivial)


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