itsabridesworld loves eBay!!!

eBay has always had fluctuating support, and for good reason! There are some great sellers on there, but equally there are also some terrible conmen lurking behind their computer screens waiting to rip you off.

However, if you do your research, check out the seller and their feedback, use paypal (it gives you extra security) and generally keep your wits about you (if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!), your eBay experience can be one of joy, not horror.

If you are a Bride on a budget like myself, then eBay can help you achieve the wedding you have always dreamed of, but on a more money savvy basis.

I am using and abusing eBay for all it is worth at the moment to source all the materials I am using for my wedding stationery.

I’ve been quoted prices between £200 and £600 for invitations and RSVP cards alone, but by using eBay, I am in the process of buying the materials from various sellers, and will be able to create my own homemade invitations for around £60!!!! This price includes invitations for day and evening guests, save the date cards, RSVP cards, order of service booklets and extra little bits and bobs I’ll be crafting along the way!!

Yes, I’d save time purchasing my stationery from a ‘proper’ company and they may look homemade, but I’d rather spend time putting care and love into all aspects of my wedding and make them myself than spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on something that inevitably is going to go in the recycling sack of my dear guests post-wedding.

Keep your eyes peeled for sneak-peak releases of my wedding stationery in the next few weeks…


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