I’m officially engaged!!!!!!

As many of you already know, Mr M and I had been what we like to call “pre-engaged” for a little while now i.e. we’d already discussed many of the basic details of our marriage, wedding and future together. It was literally a case of him officially proposing, and us telling all our friends and family!

And that day was Wednesday 6th July 2011!!!

My last post was just before I went on holiday to Cornwall, and it was mid-way through the week that he proposed, whilst we were overlooking a beautiful bay called Kynance Cove with the most PERFECT engagement ring ever!!!

Kynance Cove

I was being a bit of a stroppy cow as we’d been in the car for over two hours and I get terrible travel sickness, and then Mr M accidentally forgot to mention that the beach he wanted to take me to was at the bottom of a cliff, and could only be reached by climbing down some very steep and slippery rocks! I should probably also mention that the wind was gale force in strength, and because I was told I was going to the ‘beach’ I was wearing a little summer dress and flip flops – not really appropriate clothing or footwear for the descent or ascent of the cliff!!!

The proposal was perfect and although I knew a proposal was on the cards for some point during the near future, I’m still in shock and giddy with happiness!!

I am also super lucky as my ring was handmade by my soon to be Father-in-law who works for Tiffany & Co. – swoon!!!

A ring similar to mine (not my actual ring) – a Marquise-cut diamond

We’re looking at some point in 2014 to marry, with a small-ish ceremony and then a big after party… all there is to do now is start planning and let the official research begin!!


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