Cameras at weddings – Poems

An extra and relatively inexpensive way to get extra and less posed shots of your guests is to provide them with a disposable camera! What is a particularly nice touch is to add a little poem explaining what you’d like!

Here are just a few of the best ones I found whilst doing my research!!

I’m your camera, so have some fun,
You’ll help make this day a special one!
Click away as best your able,
Then please leave me on the table!


Here is a camera, please use it a lot,
To take pictures of what the photographer will not!
The flash is required because it is night,
If you don’t use it, the snaps won’t be right!


The bride and groom have a request,
So put on a big smile and look your best!
When you see some fun, take the hint,
You snap the camera, and we’ll make the print!


Take this camera and have some fun
Get some pictures of everyone!
Maybe you’ll see something we didn’t see,
That we can keep as a memory!


Please lend a hand on this special day,
To capture our wedding your own unique way!
This isn’t a very tedious task,
Just a few snapshots, that’s all we ask!
The wonderful smiles, the joyous tears,
Pictures to remember throughout the years!
It’ll be so special to see through your eyes,
A simple pose, an elaborate surprise.
So we can see pictures and remember when,
And relive this day again and again.


Here’s a camera, have some fun,
Take some pictures everyone!
Snap it here, snap it there,
Snap it, snap it everywhere!
“How to use” is on the box,
Be as clever as a fox.
Shoot it left, shoot it right,
Use the flash to make it bright.
When you’re done with the roll,
You have met your mighty goal.
Hand it to the groom’s best man,
And enjoy as much as you can!


This is a very special gift
for (bride) and (groom) to see.
The reason it’s so special is
‘Cause it’s from you and me.
Take a posed or candid snapshot,
and when all the film is through,
Leave the camera by the door
So they’ll have these memories of you!


See this camera sitting here,
It’s for your use, we say.
To help us capture memories,
On this, our wedding day.
Share the camera among the guests,
Some candid shots please take.
Then leave the camera when you’re done,
An album we will make.
You’ve helped to make our special day,
Complete with love and laughter.
Thank you all so very much,
For the memories you did capture!


Please take pictures throughout the night,
This camera is here for your delight.
Table shots, candids, the bride & groom,
whatever you like throughout the room.


Some couples however choose not to provide cameras, simply because most people these days bring their own! But instead of missing out on the photo collections on your guest’s cameras, leave a little poem like this…

To those who brought cameras, there’s a special request
Take plenty of pictures of the worst and the best
There’s one more favor to add, before we forget
Please email them to us after we’ve wed
See we’re counting on your kind-hearted affection
To add to our expanding wedding collection


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