Big vs small weddings

Deciding on how ‘big’ your wedding is going to be often depends on your budget. If you have a disposable income and can afford to hold a big do, then you are more likely to invite a greater number of guests. But is bigger always better? Or can something be said for keeping things small and intimate?

The way you approach this will often reflect your personality, values, and of course, as previously mentioned, your budget.

Here are just s few of the pros and cons of each, and a few tips to make sure that no matter how big or small your wedding is, you’ll be guaranteed to have a great and memorable day!!


Atmosphere – I’m not saying a small wedding means boring, but but obviously more people means more interactions between guests and a louder and livelier outlook on the day

A brilliant excuse to get everyone together – many people say that the only time they see all their family together is at either a wedding or a funeral… And they are probably correct!! But having everyone together creates a sense of unity, which is in fact the main focus for the day.

It sounds bad to say, but I know you’ll all be thinking it…

More guests, means more gifts! This should definitely NOT be the reason gor having a big wedding, but comes as a result of greater numbers of guests!

Big day CONS

More guests = more expense. The larger number of guests you have, the greater costs you will incur; from catering to venue capacity. This is particularly important to consider if you are on a budget.

More organisation is needed. Greater numbers of people means more organisation will be needed to coordinate the day. From seating plans to invitations, it’s another big thing to consider.

No time. By this I am talking post-ceremony. Its really important to talk to all your guests throughout the night and thank them for coming. The more guests you have the longer this will take, and the less time you’ll have to spend with your newly wedded partner!


Intimacy is key. Keeping things small will hpgive your day a more initmate and romantic feel. By having only close friends and family, you’ll be sharing your wedding day with hose who are likely to feature throughout your entire marriage.

Save the pennies and the pounds. Having less guests will dramatically decrease the amount of money you have to spend on catering, and means you can have a more intimate venue, which also often costs less.

Small day CONS

Quiet as a mouse. Some brides will worry that their day will be too quiet and people will be bored. Of course, a greater number of guests means more interactions between groups, but if your guests know each other already, then conversation will flow. You can also fill out your day with fun activites, meals and drinks in multiple places, because with small groups you won’t need to book way in advance.


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