Rainy day weddings

The prospect of rain on your wedding day can send some Brides into panic.. mud, frizzy hair, dirty dresses… the list goes on and its understandable where these fears come from.

BUT it is said, that if it rains on your wedding day, you’ll have a successful marriage, which has got to be something positive right?! Besides, plenty of Brides have had to deal with the weather on their wedding day, and as the photos below show, they still had a fab time!!

My number one tip if you are marrying in a season where rain is likely, snow is possible and mud is guaranteed, is to BE PREPARED. Wellies and umbrellas may not be the most glamourous items you’d associate with a wedding, but who wants to ruin their lovely satin shoes whilst wading through knee-high mud.

Embrace the elements and it’ll make for some great photos!

On a non-clothing related subject, make sure your suppliers/venue have wet-weather contingency plans, especially if you are planning on using the great outdoors i.e. a lawn wedding might not go down so well if there is torrential rain hammering down on your guests!!


2 thoughts on “Rainy day weddings

  1. Hello. Would like to know where we can find those butterfly open toe sandal heels under this butterfly theme? Thank you :)!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Unfortunately I can’t tell you where those sandals are from as I wrote the butterfly post almost a year ago now and the link between the picture and website has now expired!

      However, if you have no luck finding the same thing elsewhere, it is possible to buy butterfly clip-on shoe embellishments separately to decorate any pair of shoes you like – etsy and eBay are fab places to find those kind of things!!

      Hope I have been of some help!

      itsabridesworld xx

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