Butterfly Theme

This theme is becoming increasing popular, and its not surprising; its gorgeous, summery and pretty!!

And because butterflies naturally come in all kinds of colours, its not hard to match them to your choice of colour scheme! eBay is FAB for picking up lots of butterfly embellishments and accessories for really reasonable prices!

You can either use butterflies as your complete theme and incorporate them into everything from invitations to bouquets, or just to add little decorative elements to your tables, centrepieces or favours!!!


19 thoughts on “Butterfly Theme

  1. Hello. Im due to get married on 28th Septemeber 2013 and very excited. We are looking at saving as much money as we can.
    Our theme is also butterfly. I found your Blog and think its great.
    I have a question about the butterfly shoes, I have fallen in love with then and would love to no where you got them from?
    Thank you

    • Hi Holly!

      There were two different shoes featured on that post. Unfortunately I don’t know where the first pair are from as they are from a US blog, ut you could create a similar look by adding butterfly shoe clips onto a pair of sandles; there’s some fab ones on Etsy.com!!

      The red pair were from Schuh and are called ‘Frenchie butterfly’ shoes, but they were from last year’s collection. Probably the best place to find them would be eBay or Amazon! They also come in purple and green!

      Would love to hear more about your wedding once you’ve done some more planning!!

      itsabridesworld xx

      • Hi.

        Thats a shame they are lush.
        I have loads of ideas and have got so much already.
        I love a good bargain :) and have got a few thing if eBay already.
        I will need to have a look trough your blog in more detail as you seem to have alot of good stuff.

  2. You should still be able to find something similar somewhere – similar designs will come out in the next few months as rhe ‘summer’ collection so keep looking!

    Have you booked your venue and decided upon a colour scheme yet? That was the first thing we did when we started planning, although I did change my mind on our ok our scheme about 3 times before settling on the obese have now!

    itsabridesworld xx

  3. yeah i was looking last night. so i will make this my next wedding mision. lol
    Yeah the theme and colour scheme was of thr first things we did, We had to get that so we could match things.
    We have booked the church,Venus,cars. We have got all the wedding party gifts and the little noce extras to go on the tables and im making the wedding favours with my mum.
    We have started to look at flowers and get some ideas and quotes.

    • Ah you’ve done loads already then! That’s fab! You’re at about the same stage as us; although we’ve booked the photographer too and I’ve bought my dress, although I’m having the skirt on it changed!

      What is your colour scheme? And what are you having as your wedding favours? xxx

  4. We are getting married the same year. So we are both busy.
    I have also booked the photographer and the DJ.
    We are looking into food ect soon.
    Our colour scheme is chocloate brown and cream. What about yours?

    My mum and i are making chocolate butterflys in dark and light chocloate. We are going to have them as lolly`s.
    I have also found them shoes for $160 :)))))) xxxxxx

  5. Yep, very busy! So much to do to get everything organised! I’ve got a MASSIVE to-do list!

    Ours is also chocolate brown, but with ivory, gold and plum!! You’ve got good taste haha!

    Your favours sound lovely – and quite affordable to make!!

    That’s fab! Result! xxx

  6. Haha Thats crazy. You have fab taste!!!..
    Yeah i got the moulds,lollie stick and bags from ebay. Love ebay…
    Im going to get the chocolate soon and test just to make sure.

    Have you got any idea on what your doing for your favours?

    I think shoes will need to wait for a wile. I already have some shoes. I need to wait till i get my dress. xxx

    • eBay is fab! So many bargains on there; just be careful not to get carried away..at one point I was getting packages every day for about two weeks! haha.

      Not entirely sure what favours we’ll be going for yet – something wintery, homemade and edible though for definite!

      What kind of dress will you be going for? Have you got something in mind already? xx

      • Yeah my partner was worried about that.but I have set myself a limit. I only order after payday and use the savings account and only get what we need

        I have found my dress but need to wait till we get my renduntance money at the end of this month. So I can then pay for the whole dress, rather then worrying about another monthly payment.

        Your getting married in dec, I think that’s a great month you have so many options for favors, and as your going for chocolate brown also it’s a nice warm colour to work with. I found my idea on the web.

  7. Thats a very good way to go about it! That way you can keep on top of things! I’ve made a list each month of things I’ve bought, because its so easy to get carried away and spend way more than expected!

    Buying your dress outright is a fab idea! I bought my dress for the bodice and will be getting a seamstress to chop off the skirt to make it into my dream dress!

    We chose December because one, its cheaper, two its quite a romantic time of year, and three, because you know you’re probably going to get horrible weather so you can plan for that, rather than hope that there’ll be good weather in the summer months! xx

    • Yeah I write all my down also. Just so I total what we are spending and so we can track what we are buying.
      I leave it all at my mums anyway so it’s all save.

      Yeah I’m worried about the weather and what’s it going to be like in September but as its the end I can get a rough idea near the time.

      I saw my dress and feel I love with it. So I put a deposit down and will pay the rest soon. I thought I would be stupid if I didn’t do it wile I had the money. Xx

  8. I’m having to pack all my wedding stuff into boxes at the moment, as we’re moving out of our family houses into one of our own! Didn’t realise how much stuff we’d bought already! Keep finding things I’ve missed off the list too!

    As long as you prepare for the weather, you won’t be disappointed! Get some pretty umbrellas and you can make the rain a feature of your photos rather than a burden! That’s what I’m planning on doing anyway!

    I bought my dress without even trying it on! Was a bit of a risk, but has worked out so far (apart from the chopping off the skirt part!)!! xx

  9. My granddaughter is getting married in April and she found your butterfly bouquet, the one with the pink ribbon – that’s what she wants (with a few white gardenias to match her head piece). Where can we get the butterflies???
    Thank you so much.

  10. Love what you have done with this website and so so many beautiful ideas. Do you know where the wedding dress is from the one with them all over, I cannot stop looking at it! Our wedding is April 2014 and we have no restrictions on colour, so this would be

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!

      Unfortunately I don’t know the designer of the dress, but I have a feeling it was from the US a couple of years back, so to be honest you probably wouldn’t be able to find it now.

      However if this was definitely style you wanted, I think you could easily find a similar fabric and have a dress maker re-create it for you! And it’d definitely be for less than you’d pay for the original! It’s the perfect time of year to look for this kind of fabric too!

      Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help!


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