Wedding clothing –

A Bride recently recommended a website where she bought her lovely customised wedding dress for a massive……£101!!! 

The items are made in China which is something to consider (baring in mind all the negative reports), but this website works a bit like eBay, where the sellers get feedback and ratings etc, so you can see how reliable they are.

There are a huge range of sellers who have designed and made many dresses, and you can have them customised to your exact colour specification and sizing etc.

There are some gorgeous wedding dresses and Bridesmaid dresses which are really affordable.. especially as you get the option for FREE packaging and posting!!! Its definitely something I’m considering looking into more for my future wedding, as I’ve already spotted some lovely Bridesmaid dresses which I think would really suit my girls.

The site isn’t the easiest to navigate round, so if you are looking for Bridesmaid or wedding dresses, head to the ‘Apparel and Accessories’ tab, and you’ll find the dress section tab. You can then refine your search; I found loads of gorgeous dresses under the ‘prom dress’ section.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, this recommendation is from another Bride who is really pleased with the quality of her dress, but I cannot personally comment on the quality of all the sellers on the website and so normal caution should be taken. But as with all my recommendations, it’s worth a look!!!


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