Good website: a wedding less ordinary

This was one of the first websites I came across when I started to look at wedding favours and family gifts etc, and if I’m honest, its one I haven’t been back to that often, only for the reason of that it is VERY expensive (in my personal opinion – probably not in the grand scheme of things though).

HOWEVER, before you write it off, what this website is good for (and okay, perhaps I’m being a bit cheeky here), is inspiration!!!

There are loads of images of the gorgeous items they sell, many of which you could make or get cheaper else where, but it serves a purpose in the fact it gets the creative juices flowing.

If I had loads of money, and didn’t want to have such a ‘hands-on’ approach to my wedding day, then I’d most probably, and quite happily spend my monthly wages on the lovely little bits and bobs for sale on there. 

The website is organised by themes, price and season and so its very easy to navigate around and find lots of goodies! Its also been used by a number celebrities when they tied the knot, so if thats important to you, then you have recommendations from some well known faces, plus a list of the items they bought (which makes interesting reading)!

As always, its worth a look!!!


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