Review: VistaPrint

A while back, I signed up to the mailing list of VistaPrint; a website which deals in stationery, business and office supplies, just to see what was available.

On one of their special offer days, I ordered the smallest batch of customised wedding invitations at approximately £7 for 10 (inc. p&p), I then got more offers after I placed the order for a FREE XL photo fridge magnet, and some personalised ‘Future Mrs M’ stickers which I also ordered.

I wasn’t expecting too much to be honest, because I thought the price was too good to be true, but I was WRONG!! I am actually really impressed! 

The invitations are gorgeous, really good quality card, vivid colours and they just generally look great!

The XL photo fridge magnet was good for its price and the photo was really clear!

And as for the personalised ‘Future Mrs M’ stickers… well they are just super cute!!

So basically, if you are on a budget and don’t want to have to shell out a massive percentage of your money on invitations (which are most likely to be thrown away pretty quickly after your wedding day by many of your guests – or recycled should I say!), then check out VistaPrint! Order a small batch, see if you like them, and then order your entire batch for a really reasonable, and affordable price!


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