Now is a good time to think about holding a BOOT-SALE!!

While the sun is shining, it is the perfect time to hold a boot-sale!! 

What may be junk to you, is another person’s gold and its a brilliant chance to raise a little extra cash to help with the ever-soaring wedding costs, whilst spending a bit of time with your family!

You can sell practically anything at a boot sale; toys, clothes, furniture.. you name it, you can almost always sell it!! So have a root through your cupboards and drawers and see what you can find!

I’m holding a boot-sale at the end of May; I’ve already managed to find 5 black bin bags worth of shoes and clothes which I am planning to try and sell, and thats without any toys or other bits and pieces I no longer need but are in a great working condition! I’m sure some of it will end up going to the charity shop, but many of the items are clean, perfect condition and new(ish) and some even have the tags on.. (naughty me!)!!!

All money I make will go straight in the wedding fund, so not only will that hopefully feel a little heavier, but it’ll make my cupboards and drawers more roomy! Perfect!!

Things to remember:

  • if it is obviously junk, then just get rid of it! No one is going to want a ripped teddy that has no arms, legs or ears and stuffing coming out of the belly!
  • get to the boot-sale location EARLY!! I’m talking 5:30-6am to get the best spot and to set up!
  • you’ll probably be charged a fee for a stall to set up; make sure you at least cover the cost of this with the items you sell or you’ll actually loose money!
  • be prepared to haggle! Most customers will try and knock a bit off the price so be ready to bargain with them and get the best price possible
  • remember that anything you sell has made you money, even if you don’t get what you originally asked for! Its not making money sitting at the bottom of your cupboard after all!
  • be friendly, not pushy! People that try to coerce you into buying things in a shop drives me mad, yet alone those who do the same to get you to buy their second hand stuff! Say hello to all passers by and they’ll be more inclined to buy from you!

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