BARGAIN fake tan!

I have to admit… I’m a slave to the fake tan!! And for many Brides, having a bit of colour on their big day results in a bit fake tanning prior to their wedding!

But as a fake tan-slave myself, I am all too aware that it’s not cheap!! I have used a lot of different types to find the best one for me, and with all things in life, I find myself liking the most expensive one there is.. St Tropez (RRP approx. £28)!!

That was until I came across an absolute bargain, which now I actually prefer to St Tropez… And it costs a tiny £2.99!!! Its called St Moriz and can be bought in the discount store Savers or online (eBay).

There is a mousse version (pictured above) and a spray version; I have tried the mousse and its brilliant, but a friend has tried the spray and said it was rubbish! But I can’t confirm that for myself as I haven’t used it (and probably won’t know I’ve heard that review!).

Now I’m not saying this will be your favourite one and suit your skin the best, but it does show that there is money to be saved in your beauty buys, without having to go without!!

Worth a try, yes?

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