Personalised wedding-day cards for your partner

A nice idea that some Brides like to do is to write their husband or wife to be a little letter to open on the morning of their wedding day. But have you seen many cards titled “to my husband/wife to be”??  No, neither have I!

However, I recently came across a seller on Etsy (see yesterday’s post) who makes cards with hand-cut wording on the front, and can be personalised to your wedding colours!

Each card ranges from between £5-£10 depending on the style you choose (this price does not include p&p), so they’re not “cheap”, but they are high quality and completely unique and would be perfect as a thoughtful and heartfelt gift to give to your soon to be legal partner. I am definitely going to get one of these for Mr M to open whilst getting ready on the big day, and quite possibly for my Mum too, as a thank you card. 

Something else that is brilliant about these cards, is that the seller is from the UK, which means you won’t have to spend horrendous amounts on international shipping!! DEFINITELY worth it!!!

You can be as quirky or cute as you like… the only limitation is your imagination!


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