Colour Scheme Tool

Ever struggled to remember the exact shade of the colour you’re planning to base your day around? Can’t pick out the differences between light blue and sky blue when talking to the suppliers, but can pick out a million differences when you get back home?? (I do this ALL the time!!!)

The PANTONE WEDDING™ Color Fan Guide is a brilliant tool to use when planning your wedding. Its really handy for when you’re talking to suppliers, finding bridesmaid dresses, choosing invitations and organising favours, amongst loads of other decisions that you’ll be making throughout your wedding planning.

At £28, its not the cheapest item I’ll recommend on here, but it could possibly be the most useful and cost efficient!! And remember, once you’ve finished with it, you can always sell it to another Bride and recoup some money!!! Its also something that I’ll be buying once Mr M and myself start buying the necessary items.

Used by Dessy, amongst loads of other famous companies, the Colour Fan Guide is the easiest way to match different aspects of your day, so if the above description sounds like you, perhaps this is something you should consider (particularly if you’ll be buying dresses from Dessy)!

Plus, if you buy it from the link below, you get a FREE Dessy tote bag, handy for lugging around inspiration scrapbooks and the like!! Can’t complain about that really!!

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