Brilliant website: Etsy

I only came across the website Etsy at the start of the year but I’m already in love with it! Its an American-style Ebay, but cuter, quirkier and more kitsch. So if that sounds like you, get yourself on there!!!

You can pick up loads of different items, and their wedding section is brilliant! The only thing to be aware of, is that because its a US site, the p&p costs are not exactly cheap. However, if its the only place you can find your particular item, then its definitely worth it!! I would recommend checking our Ebay first though, just in case you can find what you want here and can avoid the higher p&p!

Etsy is particulary brilliant if you are trying  to create a chic, home-made kind of theme; there is so many sellers selling quirky items and really cutesy favours.

If nothing else, Etsy is a source of inspiration!!!

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