DIY: Wedding Planning Scrapbook

Recording all your thoughts, plans and ideas as you progress through your wedding planning will prove invaluable to you, not only as it’s a way to make sure you don’t forget all the small, yet vital details you get bombarded with whilst talking to suppliers etc, but it’ll also be the most amazing memory to keep for the rest of your lives.

Most brides go into marriage with the aim that it’s only going to happen once, and therefore shouldn’t you make the most of spending time planning and recording it?

For me, my scrapbook is a wedding lifeline! It doesn’t contain important details as such, but I’m a bit of a craft geek and I’d love to have something, not not only get me through the post wedding blues, but have something to show Mr M and I’s children when they get older.

Apart from the initial cost of a scrapbook which can be picked up for £3 or £4 in most good craft shops, and glue, creating a book of memories and inspiration is basically free!

Whilst your reading wedding magazines or surfing the net, cut or print out pictures or images that take your fancy and stick them in, in dedicated sections. Have pages for colour inspiration, table centrepieces, bridal and bridesmaid dresses, themes etc and you’ll end up with a comprehensive idea of what you want your wedding to look like!!!

You don’t have to be a really “crafty” person to make one of these… I’m sure most people can use a pair of scissors and a glue stick, but their value in terms of leaving lasting memories is priceless! No more so than when your grandchildren in 60 years time see it and have a good laugh at fashion in 2011!!!

HOWEVER, if you aren’t up for cutting and sticking, then download the computer programme SMILEBOX. Its a free to use package which turns your photos into online scrapbooks, so if you are technology minded, this may be the way to go!

Once I’ve progressed a little further I’ll upload some photos for you all to see!


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