DIY: Relationship Story Book

Writing what has been described as a “report” has been a popular thing to do in recent years, started on the wedding forums. Its also an idea I LOVE and can’t wait to write myself! The basic idea or a “relationship story book” or “report” is that you tell the story of how you met, the ups and downs throughout the time together so far, the engagement, the run up to the big day, and the wedding day itself.

This is a brilliant idea, and something I am most definitely going to do! I think its an excellent way to record your amazing relationship, and will be totally personalised to you and your partner; a lovely keepsake to show your children when they get older.

Because it is YOUR story, you can do it in any way, style or format you like! All you need to start it off, is a scrapbook or notepad, photos and your memory!

To me, creating memories is a really important part of life, whether it be through a private diary, photo albums, or scrapbooks. I am a craft geek, and so I like to mix photos with written pieces, and put them all into a scrapbook so that there is a lasting and tangiable item that can be looked at over and over again.

If you want some inspiration of how to write about your own relationship stories, check out the “Newly-wed” section on the You and Your Wedding Forum. Loads of the ladies on there have written amazing “reports” and are so touching and heart-warming to read.


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