The best wedding apps for your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!!

If you are one of the lucky ones to own an Apple iphone, iPod touch or iPad then wedding planning and inspiration gathering has just become a lot more fun and easy!!

You probably already are aware that you are able to download apps onto your device, but did you know there are LOADS of wedding related ones our there ready for you to use? Sone of course you have to pay for, but there are also loads of free ones out there too!!

I have to admit I am very lucky to have got an iPod touch for my last birthday from Mr M, and ever since I’ve been trying the different apps out!

Here are a list and description of my favourites, plus whether or not you’ll be charged for the privildge of playing them!

iWedding Deluxe: my absolute favourite!

Good Points:

  • Really comprehensive; loads of handy sections to complete and personalise as you start planning
  • Brilliant budget planer; one of the first steps is to type in your budget. As you go along and buy things, it minuses off your original budget so you can keep an eye on what you have left
  • Guest list; it allows you to enter every guests name, organise who is invited to the day or evening, Bride or Groom’s side, who has yet to RSVP, meal choices and even a gift list tracker
  • Contacts; it has space to enter in the contact details of every supplier you wish to keep in contact with. This means you can have all the info straight to hand if you carry your Apple device in your pocket or handbag
  • Photos; you can upload photos from your device to the app, so if you see something you like when you are out and about, snap a picture of it and transfer it to the app. (If you have an ipod touch/ipad which doesn’t have a camera, alternatively you can create a folder on your computer and transfer the photos that way).

Bad Points:

  • It costs £5.99. HOWEVER.. It is well worth the money as it is literally a small portable wedding planner! I’d pay £5.99 again any day for it!
  • I can’t think of any others; its brilliant!

The Knot: Wedding Dress Look Book (brilliant if you don’t know where to start with dresses)

Good Points:

  • It starts off my asking you to describe your body shape and gives you loads of options to put in your bra size, height, personality,  style, best features, problem areas etc, and then churns out a load of suitable dresses based on your details
  • Its free!
  • It has loads of photos of dresses from different designers; so not biased to one particular collection
  • You can search using the style of dress you want, the neckline and the amount you want to pay. (Just bear in mind, this is an American app so all prices are in $, but it gives you a good idea anyway!)
  • You can save you favourite designs onto the app, so you can find them easily if you wanted to show other people etc
  • It also has a guide section with handy information about wedding dresses and dress shopping

Bad Points

  • There isn’t really any bad points seeing as it is just an inspiration aid.
  • The only improvement would be to introduce prices in £s as well as $s.

UK Weddings: Guides for Brides (a directory of suppliers etc)

Good Points:

  • Allows you to search your local area via your postcode for different companies and suppliers
  • Gives you all the contact details such as phone numbers and addresses immediately
  • Its free!

Bad Points:

  • No bad points! Just a really handy aid that you can’t really fault!

Brides (the same people as the magazine)

Good Points:

  • Over 1500 images of dresses and more than 200 pieces of jewellery and travel destinations!
  • Shows Bridal dresses, AND bridesmaid dresses in loads of different styles, colours, and from a variety of designers
  • Its free!

Bad Points:

  • No new updates as of yet! Images are modern and in no-way old-fashioned, but there hasn’t been an update of newly released dresses etc for a while!

Cake Love (name pretty much says it all)

Good Points:

  • A brilliant online recpie book, for any Brides planning to bake their own cake!
  • Gives you step-by-step guides of how to make a variety of different cakes, including ingredients and equipment needed
  • Some recipes come complete with a video of the man making them himself!
  • Its free!

Bad Points:

  • There is only a small number of cakes; perhaps new updates will become available over time!

Other good apps that are FREE to download:

  • Vera Wang Weddings – collection “look-book” **
  • Jesus Peiro – collection “look-book” **
  • The Engagements Rings of Tiffany – well, we can dream!
  • Coast – handy for checking out bridesmaid dress ideas
  • Peter Lagner – collection “look-book” **
  • Amy O Photo – wedding photography inspiration **
  • Lyon Photo – wedding photography inspiration **

** REMEMBER.. these apps are just for inspiration! You don’t need to feel you have any obligation to buy from these companies; it’s just handy to see what products and services are available so that you can get exactly what you want!

4 thoughts on “The best wedding apps for your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!!

    • Hiya Maeve!!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your brilliant find with all the itsabridesworld readers!! I hope other Brides-to-be get lots of use out of it and it helps them with their planning!!!

      itsabridesworld xx

  1. Can’t believe ya didn’t mention Wedding Snap. Everyone is talking about them now. Apparently they got an app that automatically collects guests’ pictures from their smartphones and uploads them directly to the bride’s album online.

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