DIY Project: Bridal Party Clothing

Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years, and a good way of making all members of your Bridal party feel involved, is to get “Bridal Clothing”. This usually comes in the form of a t-shirt, dressing gown, trackie bottoms, or shorts with usually a diamante phrase or wording on the back of them.

There are loads of companies which will do this for you, package them up and send them off to you; but for a price. And usually quite an expensive price considering they’ll probably only be used on the day of your wedding!!

However, you can quite easily make these yourself!!! And quite cheaply!! All you need is the item of clothing you wish to personalise, and the diamante transfer.

The easiest, and most effective item of clothing to personalise is a t-shirt, and after speaking to many Brides, they’ve all said they found the best and cheapest ones at.. PRIMARK!  So just buy a plain, t-shirt or vest top in the colour of your theme for each of the members! Remember that if you have different sized bridesmaids you probably should consider what they’d feel comfortable in. For example, a curvy size 20 girl may not feel as comfortable in a spagetti strapped vest top as a petite size 6 would…

Now for the transfers. Ebay is a god-send for these! You can find a variety of different styles of writing, colours and design, ranging from £2 each and upwards. You could probably get some kind of discount on p&p or the total cost if you are buying quite a few- but you will have to ask for this, the sellers won’t offer it!! Also, remember to view the seller’s feedback; if they have got loads of complaints saying the transfers are rubbish, then obviously don’t buy from them!

You can save quite a lot of money on something like this! On average, a vest top from a shop like Primark is approximately £2 (I should know…!), add on the price of the transfer you choose at approximately £4 and you’ll be spending around £6 on something shops charge £10 and upwards for! Okay, so a saving of £4 per person isn’t a lot, but if you have:

  • 1 Bride
  • 1 Mother of the Bride
  • 1 Chief Bridesmaid
  • 1 Maid of Honor
  • 4 Bridesmaids

Then you’ll save yourself at least £24!! That’s £24 to add to getting an extra amazing pair of shoes, or that set of jewellery that’ll finish off your dress perfectly!

Or, if you are feeling really creative, grab yourself some plain tops and fabric pens and design something unique for each of your members! I personally love the idea of making something for my Bridesmaids like the image below…!!!!

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