Outdoors Weddings

Holding my wedding outside would be an absolute dream come true for me, but if you live in England (and I think the other countries inside the UK), you can’t legally wed outdoors!

Mr M and I met at my place of work (which happens to be a nature reserve) and both discussed having our wedding there. That was until we read into it and found out it wasn’t allowed. BUT there are ways around this and an idea we have thoroughly considered. We have decided that depending on finances, we’ll either go for this idea or our other idea which is an actual venue.

Anyway, I digress…

One option is to find a venue which has a permanant structure (i.e. pergola) which you would be allowed to marry in. They do exist, but you may have to pay more than you would for hiring the inside of the venue!


You can hold your wedding ceremony outside, BUT it won’t be legal. If you are dead set on saying your vows outside then the best option is to have your legal ceremony at the local registry office, and then head to your outside venue and employ a toast master, or master of ceremonies to conduct the non-legal version of your vows. You could have just your family/closest friends attend the legal ceremony and then everyone else attend the outdoors one (which is a brilliant idea especially if you are a bit fashion concious (like me) and your local registry office looks like a “granny’s nightie”!!!)

This is a considerably cheaper option than going for an actual standing venue, plus, a lot more flexible. If you have the creativity and drive to make it happen, holding your ceremony outside is completely achievable! Think afternoon tea, bunting, fairy lights, candles, and country-style gorgeous-ness!!

Outdoor Site Ideas;

  • Parks
  • Nature Reserves
  • Woodlands
  • Beaches
  • Back-gardens
  • Fields
  • Boats
  • Horses
  • Marquees…

… the list is endless!

If you are interested in holding your wedding outdoors, then its best to get in contact with the owners of the land you want to hold it in, and then find a master of ceremonies willing to conduct it for you! On average, you could create your dream day on about £3000 (including legal ceremony fees) if you are careful with you money! This is a far cry from the £10, £15, £20 thousand people will spend hiring a venue!

Important things to consider/pay out for;

  • Food and drinks (afternoon tea/BBQ can be very cost efficient)
  • Master of ceremonies/toast-master
  • Marquee hire (if applicable)
  • Decoration (make the most of the beauty of the outdoors)
  • Seating (i.e. chairs and tables for the ceremony and food)
  • DJ/Bands
  • Legal ceremony fees


Sound like a good idea? Take a peak at the images below to give you some ideas!!!



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