Colour Schemes

I haven’t really discussed colours yet, so I thought I’d present a collection of inspirational images for a range of different colours to help all those Brides-to-Be out there!

All images are located on Google, but can be copy and pasted from this blog onto your home computer. I found that after speaking to loads of Brides over the last few months, creating a “mood board” of colours and ideas has  really helped them get down all those designer dreams onto paper and helped assist in the planning of their big day!

This is something I’ve also been doing for a while now in my scrapbook  (I currently have 3 colour palettes on the go as I just can’t make my mind up!) and slowly but surely I’m creating the look I want from magazine cuttings and images found online! Some Brides have also said these mood boards have been really useful when they’ve been shopping for various wedding items such as favours, bridesmaid dresses and flowers etc, as it gives suppliers a clearer idea of what you are looking for!

So its definitely worth considering!

First up to be “mood boarded” is PINK!!

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