Recommendations: Daisy Moon Designs

I have mentioned the company Daisy Moon Designs briefly in a previous post, but thought I’d explain a bit more about it! I found Daisy Moon Designs (DMD) on ebay when I was looking for some personalised decorations! And I was extremely impressed to say the least! Not only was Daisy extremely helpful, the item I ordered was EXACTLY as I’d hoped!

DMD  are a family-run business which specialises in wooden laser-cut items, which are made in the workshop at their home. But they don’t only do laser-cut items. Oh no! They do candles, stationery, stained glass….

The items are also very reasonably priced and great quality.Their website is simple (and I mean no offence by describing it as this) but offers a wide range of items in hundreds of different themes. You can also have items personalised, or discuss with the family about what you wish to have made!

So why am I recommending DMD on here? Well, a number of the items made by DMD would be perfect for adding a personal touch to your big day!

Having a sweetie table or buffet? Get letters and words laser cut and decorated to give the table a bit of added quirky-ness (also great for telling people what things on offer actually are)!

Want to personalise the Bride and Groom’s chair? Have the words laser cut and decorated to match your colour scheme! Not only will this cease any confusion with who sits where, it’ll also make a brilliant photo opportunity for reception/dinner/speech shots.

Having a alternative themed wedding? Have wooden key-rings or a relevant keepsake made and decorated! They can also double up as place names!

Making your own postbox? Have the Royal Crest made to give it an authentic look!

What is even better, is that you have the choice of either undecorated raw materials, or finished items. So if you are feeling crafty and want to keep the price down, then you have the opportunity to decorate them yourself at your own leisure. If you have any questions then just contact Daisy, she is brilliant and a real help!

If you have any doubts, check out the testimonials….

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