Ways to remember lost loved ones

Unfortunately, as we get older, so do our relatives and loved ones. I have sadly began to lose a great number of family members from when I was very young; all people I never imagined wouldn’t be attending my wedding. Mr M, is in a “privileged” position to have all but one of his grandparents, but we will also be remembering his Nan throughout the day. So as a mark of respect and remembrance on our big day, we want to incorporate our loved and lost relatives in some way.

Many ideas have been suggested and used over the years, I’ve chosen my favourite and most thoughtful few..

A nice idea is to set up a table somewhere in your reception venue, and put photos of those important loved ones. A small flower display would also add a respectful touch and soften emotions quite likely to be brought on by seeing these photos. This way you can have your loved ones in the room while you have your first dance, listen to speeches and begin your life as a married couple.


Candles can be personalised quite cheaply from many companies, and inscribed with names and messages. You could also team a candle (either personalised or plain) with a photo of your family member. Lighting the candles when you walk in signifies their presence on the big day.


If your family member had a favourite flower, this could be incorporated into your bridal bouquet or centrepieces. That way, they will be with you the whole day as you take your wedding day journey.

Verses, hymns or songs

Sometimes a song or a poem can be a subtle way of incorporating a lost one into your wedding. A favourite song played as you walk into your reception venue is a nice touch, or a poem read during the ceremony or as part of the speeches can be a touching way of remember your lost relatives.

Other ways of remembering people who are no longer here..

Leaving “their chair” free – definitely not a subtle way of remembering them, but thoughtful, touching and meaningful. The only issue with this is that it may bring on strong emotions from friends, family and guests

Fireworks – another beautiful way of remembering relatives and loved ones; a solitary one for each person makes a touching display

However you choose to remember lost relatives, friends or companions, the most important thing to remember is that would be extremely proud of you taking steps to commit your life to someone else. Whether you choose to make an either subtle or obvious display of your emotions, the most important thing is to remember your day with joy and happiness – that is after all what your loved ones would have wanted.


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