Reception table centrepieces

There is a lot of scope for personalisation and originality when it comes to deciding how to decorate the tables at your wedding reception. Traditionally and most commonly, flowers are used, but this is not the only direction you can take your table decoration in!

This looks grand, but doesn’t have to be expensive! Vases can be picked up cheaply from your local supermarket (IKEA is also good for this kind of stuff), and feathers can be found on ebay, fancy dress shops of from local craft stores. are selling feathers and skeletal leaves at the moment for less than £1 each – take advantage of the sales!! Don’t forget that vases like this are investment pieces for your marital home – you can never have too many flowers around the house!

Martini glasses are cool and modern, and can be customised to your own tastes! The photo above shows it decorated with flowers, however another affordable alternative is floating tea-lights. It sets the mood and looks gorgeous! Many Brides use these and then sell them on wedding forums such as You and Your Wedding Forum, and so they are available to be picked up at a reduced and affordable price!

Candelabras are a classic, yet elegant addition to any table! If you shop around you can find these in many charity shops or online on sites such as ebay or the wedding forums for relatively cheap! The candles give a romantic feel and they can be decorated to your own taste! They’re available in loads of different colours so you are guaranteed to find something to suit your theme!

Smaller vases can be decorated in many ways! This photo is the perfect example of this! Flowers, tea-lights and petals! Gorgeous, romantic and cheap!!!! I have seen vases like the one in the middle for around £6 in my local supermarket! Tea-lights can be picked up extremely cheaply (around 200 for £5), and depending on which flowers you choose, this can also be a cheap addition to the centrepiece!

Birdcages look brilliant in the middle of tables for a spring/summer wedding, and can also double-up as a card postbox! They can be decorated using flowers, fruit, fabric butterflies amongst many other embellishments! These are advertised on the various wedding forums, and increasingly on ebay! The metal ones can be painted to match whatever colour theme you are going for, and will easily sell on after your big day if you want to recoup some cash!

Here are just a few of my favourite image of table centrepieces I have found recently!


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