Best fonts for typing your wedding invitations

Getting the font right if you are using a computer to create your DIY invitations can be a little tricky. Things are either too plain, or too fancy, too bold or not bold enough!

Using the website, I have found lots of different and FREE fonts that are easily downloadable onto your home PC or laptop. Here are a few of the best!

Chopin Script – slightly tudory, traditional styling

Freebooter Script – slanted, with emphasis on letters with long tails or tall tops

Champignon – small, perfectly formed but elegant

Wedding nightmares – the title does not represent the font! Traditional looking, with a calligraphy edge!

Discipuli Britannica – simple, clean shaped letters

Loverboy – this would be PERFECT for a village fete themed wedding!

Callie Hand – perfect for the “wedding invitation/evening invitation” script on the front of the invite

Remember, this is just a tiny proportion of the free fonts available for download on this site. There are other sites that do free fonts, but I’ve found this one to have the most variety, and the most free downloads! You will definitely find something that matches your theme and style perfectly!

TIP: have a print centre which helps you to set up your printer at home for printing out your DIY invites.


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