Keep those kiddies entertained!

In all honesty, weddings are a bit of a bore for children. Its a long day, with lots of strange and unfamiliar grown-ups letting their hair down, and making fools of themselves. Children at a wedding look brilliant in photos (unless they’ve reached the crying phase), but can get up to all kinds of mischief if not entertained!

Ask yourself the question… which would you prefer?


Or this?

I think we all know the answer to this one!!!!

Here are a few fail-safe ideas to keep them in check, whilst the adults entertain themselves!

Sticker Books

Some venues don’t allow pens and pencils, so colourful sticker books are a good alternative! Think pirates, fairies, cartoon characters, dinosaurs, princesses… If you want to allow a bit more creativity, then buy a exercise book and separate stickers which matches your theme.

Colouring Books

Many venues do allow children to have pens and pencils, and if this is the case with yours, colouring books can be picked up for as cheaply as 50p in stores (although for this cheap you do get what you pay for). Check out ebay, currently there are sellers advertising 12 colouring books for £2.50! Bargain!! Tescos do some brilliant colouring books with quality paper for about a £1 each. They also do packs of colouring pens and pencils for even cheaper! Buy a big pack and split the colours between the children.


All kids, boys and girls love lego! You can get small individual packs quite cheaply online or in toystores in a range of different themes or styles. Duplo is a better alternative for the youngest children (under 3 years old) as the pieces are larger and cant be eaten! If you have the space in your venue, a lego corner would be a brilliant alternative and slightly more cost effective when buying a larger pack which all the children can play with!

Kids Corner

I think having a small corner for children to play in is a brilliant idea if you have the space! A couple of soft toys, some plastic trucks or toy cars, and perhaps some cheap dressing up outfits will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours!! Most of these items can be picked up from charity shops for between 50p and £5 each; much cheaper than hiring a magician! Obviously give everything a thorough wash first!). The kids corner does not need to be large, perhaps a couple of metres squared, but it will take the pressure off the parents, and allow them to enjoy your big day with you!


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