Fun gift idea; Bridal-party survival kits

I recently came across the idea of “Bridal-Party Survival Kits” – a kitsch (and inexpensive) token to give to the members of your bridal party!

They are super simple to make, the instructions are below. (I have based quantities on the basis that you make one for each of the following (obviously change the amounts to suit your bridal party):

  • Mother of the Bride
  • Maid of Honour
  • Bridesmaids x 2
  • Father of the Bride
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen x 2

Equipment required:

  • 8 medium-large sized organza bags (or similar storage method) – approx size of bags 15cm-20cm high
  • 4 gem stones (for the females) – the inexpensive type you get from seaside shops (?)
  • 4 Love heart candy (mini packs)
  • 4 wrapped mint imperials
  • 5 mini notepads and pencils (approx size of note pads 10cm x 6cm)
  • 4 wrapped straws (the type you get on juice cartons)
  • 6 small plastic shot glasses
  • 4 plasters
  • 4 safety pins
  • 5 small packets of tissues
  • 4 marbles
  • 1 small fabric flower
  • 2 tea bags/coffee sachets
  • 3 haribo rings
  • 3 emergency speeches (download for free from Google)
  • 8 luggage tags (or similar)

You should be able to pick up all these bits to work out for less than £5 per person! Don’t forget, you can always use things you’ve already got lying around. For example, if you have a flower button, don’t go out and buy a small fabric flower! The items themselves probably won’t be used, but its the meaning behind them that counts!

Mother of the Bride

  • 1x Organza bag
  • 1x Love heart candy
  • 2x Marbles
  • 1x Safety pin
  • 1x Packet of tissues
  • 1x Fabric flower
  • 1x Tea bag/coffee sachet
  • 1x Gem stone
  • 1x Plaster

Father of the Bride

  • 1x Organza bag
  • 1x Mint imperial
  • 1x Love heart sweet
  • 1x Packet of tissues
  • 2x Marbles


  • 1x Shot glass
  • 1x Haribo ring
  • 1x Notepad and pencil
  • 1x Mint imperial
  • 1x Emergency Speech

Maid of Honour/Bridesmaids

  • 1x Love heart sweet
  • 1x Plasters
  • 1x Gem stone
  • 1x Safety pin
  • 1x Packet of Tissues
  • 1x Shot Glass
  • 1x Straw
  • 1x Notepad and pencil

For each person, place the items that are listed under their position into the organza bag. For the last step you need the luggage tags (one per person); because obviously you need to explain the purpose of each thing! All you need to do is simply list the items that are in the bag, and the meaning of them! You can decorate the luggage tag with stickers, gems or ribbon to match your theme!

Item meanings

Love heart candy (this can be different depending on whether it is for the Mother of the Bride or the Bridesmaid)


Love heart candy… because I will always love you!

BM :

Love heart candy… to remind you what the day is about!

Gem Stone… to remind you how special you are to me!

Marbles… to replace the ones I caused you to loose!

Safety pin… incase of minor dress emergencies!

Tissues… to wipe away those tears of joy!

Flower… if Mum’s were flowers I’d pick you!

Tea bag/coffee sachet… so you can relax at the end of the day!

Plaster… to soothe the blisters from those new shoes!

Notepad and paper… for all the phone numbers you’ll get!

Straw… so you don’t spoil your lipstick!

Shot glass (this can be different for Best-man/Groomsmen and Maid of Honour/Bridesmaids)


Shot glass… to help steady the Groom’s nerves!


Shot glass… to toast the happy couple!

Spare ring… incase you loose the real one!

Emergency speech… just incase you need it!

Mint… to help freshen the Groom’s breath!

You could also do these for your partner’s parents, your soon to be brother and sister in laws, or other people who are involved with your big day! You could even add mini photos or other items of significance into the bags!


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