Stunning wedding hairstyles

Appearance is important for every bride on their wedding day, but where do you begin?! The top of your head is always a good starting point!
I’ve trawled the internet for the best and most beautiful styles to suit all different lengths of hair to make your decision easier! Print them out and take them to your hairdresser for inspiration!

Short Hair

This would be perfect for a wedding abroad – informal but still beautiful. The headband also gives it a modern twist and ties the whole look together.

Rihanna is always a style icon and her take on short curls looks lovely! Would look brilliant with a low-slung veil dropping from the back!

A classic, traditional look, perfect for a younger bride! The sparkly slip gives it a contemporary twist and the volume in the hair allows for any form of veil to be worn!

Brides with fringes should take note of Paris’s chunky cut; add a tiara, sparkly headband or veil to complete this simple but lovely look!

Ashlee looks lovely with her 20s inspired up-do! Just gorgeous!

This is a lovely simple style, created through a lot of backcombing (and perhaps a “bumpit” – check out the Directory link if you are unsure of what this is)

This look is lovely and could be easily created using a hair piece! Classic but very cool!

A good option for a short bob – the tiara headband gives the hair texture and the bridal feel!

Love this!!! Relaxed but modern and fresh! You do not need really long hair to recreate this yourself!

Informal but tradtional and elegant at the same time. A brilliant option if your hair is long enough to scrape back, but won’t do much else!

Mid-length hair

Both the make-up and hair style is gorgeous, especially if you are having a retro, low key wedding (particularly with a tea-length dress)

Sleek, groomed and gorgeous! Perfect!!!

Imagine a sparkly gem clip instead of the black flower, and you’ve got a perfect wedding look!

Ignore the odd face (!) Jessica’s hairstyle is lovely! Add a tiara and the look is complete!

The curly ends of Sophia’s hair gives an informal twist to a classic hairstyle!

This is a beautiful look! Classic and just generally gorgeous!

Young, fresh and modern! Imagine it with a low slung veil and you’ve got the perfect bridal look!

This would be perfect for a relaxed, low key (perhaps even abroad wedding). The plaits in the hair give this up-do a modern twist!

4 in one!! Classic up-dos, but with a modern twist. Shows how accessories such as a sparkly hair clip or headband can turn a simple up-do into something more special!

Big and bold! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! This would be a brilliant option for the glamorous bride looking to make a statement! A simple headband would be all this hairstyle needs to finish it off!

Long hair

This would look lovely for a wedding at home or abroad! Loose waves give a feminine look!

Simply gorgeous! Low curls give a soft look, perfect against your wedding dress!

Classy, elegant and modern! This would be perfect for the fashionista bride!

A mix of tight waves and loose curls give a textured but elegant look; would compliment a tiara perfectly!

Sweet, innocent and elegant! Just how you want to look on your wedding day, right? If you’ve got the hair length, make the most of it!

Simply lovely! Relaxed, yet elegant and classic! Make the most of your length and curl as much as possible!

A gorgeous take on the up-do! Although a perfect option for you long haired girls, this could also be recreated using a hair piece if you don’t quite have the length!

Very classic, yet relaxed and gorgeous! The criss-cross detailing of the hair looks excellent and would be perfect for a wedding at home or abroad!

Mix volume with curls = stunning! An effortlessly elegant (perhaps not so effortless!) style for those of you who have lovely thick hair! Lucky you!


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