“Green” weddings?

Green is a lovely colour to base your theme around, but that is not what I am talking about here! I am talking about holding a environmentally friendly wedding (or as near to environmentally friendly as you can get)!

There are a number of ways you can minimise your impacts on the environment whilst planning and organising your wedding! The main issues surrounding environmental concern are resources and travel miles – particularly with regards to food.

Here are a number of ways you can reduce your impact on the environment, by following a few simple steps…

Whether you are making your own, or buying them from a company, use/request recycled materials! There are a wide range of papers and cards available which are made up of recycled products, and cost a fraction more than the bog standard over-processed stuff! You can also buy stationery which can be printed with your events details, and then planted in your guest’s garden once the day has passed – they contain a large percentage of seed matter, which then grow into beautiful wildflowers; a lovely lasting reminder of your special day!


Sourcing items of clothing, such as your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses or the groom’s suit that have been “pre-loved” can not only save you a lot of money, but also help the environment. Energy resources are pumped into making clothes and by reusing perfectly good and quality items bought by someone else, you are helping to reduce emissions. You can pick up some absolute bargains on the wedding forums, or in charity shops! Oxfam even has its own dedicated wedding dress store, which holds a large range of dresses (including some designer ones), and are sold for a fraction of the normal RRP. That’s both good for the environment and the recipient of the money you are giving to the charity!


Whether you are self-catering, or being catered for, fresh local produce should be your favourite option. You can’t beat the taste of super fresh products, grown locally, picked and on your plate within days. It can be slightly more expensive, but if you have saved money elsewhere, then this can always be an option!


Charity wedding gifts are a brilliant way to make a contribution to organisations helping others, and also reduces the need for specific items to be be created. If you do want to give an actual product, then seeds are an excellent idea! Eco-friendly and unique!


Of course walking is the most eco-friendly mode of transport you could ever choose! But if you want something more glamorous then how about a rick-shaw?! Powered by man himself, totally unique and makes a brilliant photo opportunity, this is definitely a environmentally friendly form of transport!


Anything that doesn’t need electricity can be classed as environmentally friendly! Think harps, string quartets, and other instrumental assembles! Classic, and always moving and thought provoking!


Locations such as farms, zoos, barns and other country areas are perfect for “green weddings”. Even better if they can be held outside! Think outside the box for something fresh and different!

When it comes to holding an eco-friendly wedding, the best way to achieve your perfect day is to think outside the box! Use local producers, source items from organic or green suppliers, and DIY as much as you can! Some areas, such as catering may be slightly more expensive than frozen-thawed food, but the quality is so much higher.

Not only is it usually easier on the pocket, but its also good for the environment, which is definitely important with all the issues surrounding climate change!


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