Gorgeous wedding rings on a budget?

So you’ve got your hands on a beautiful sparkler from your soon to be husband (or wife), but now there’s something else that needs to accompany it… your wedding ring!!! But where can you find something equally lovely but on a tight budget?

The answer is: shop around!

Not all of us are lucky enough to be presented with a Tiffany wedding ring on our big day, but High Street stores provide you with some brilliant alternatives. Plenty of well known jewellers provide a wedding jewellery line which incorporates tradition, fashion, and budget all in one. Here are a few examples of gorgeous wedding rings just waiting to cosy up to your engagement sparkler……

The first question you have to ask, is diamond or cubic zirconia? Diamonds are lovely, but they are also very expensive. Cubic zirconia gives you the opportunity to get the sparkly look, but for a much cheaper price, which is important if you are on a tight budget. However if you have your heart set on diamonds, there are some beauties out there!

H Samuels

9ct White Gold Shaped Diamond Ring – £149. The shaping of this ring means that it will sit flush with your engagement ring. Its very feminine, and most importantly, its diamond..


9ct White Gold Extra Heavyweight Diamond Set Court Ring – £169. Classic, with a gorgeous set-in diamond . Quality metal, and very good value.


9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Kick Ring – £59.99. For those who can’t afford diamonds, or who simply aren’t bothered, this cubic zirconia ring is perfect! It mixes tradition with contemporary in its design and the sparkly gems look brilliant!


Ernest Jones

Daisy Chiffon Sterling Silver Stacker Ring  – £25. The more traditional shaped wedding ring, with a modern twist! And an absolute BARGAIN at £25!


Silver Princess Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring  – £40. If you are after bling on a budget then this is definitely for you! A statement ring that is not only affordable but looks the part!


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Row Ring – £40. The perfect mix of tradition, bling with a modern twist. Won’t distract from your engagement ring, but will offset it perfectly.


Other Options

Having a wedding ring made for you can actually be affordable! Sometimes, high street stores take advantage of their easy access, and raise their prices accordingly. Approach your local family jeweller and see what they can do for you! I am in an extremely lucky position as I am marrying into a family made up of top London jewellers, and this was the advice I was given by them!

You could always buy a second hand ring. Pawn shops offer gorgeous rings for a cut price, simply because they are second hand. If you can get over the “eww-ness” of wearing someone else’s ring, this could be an option for saving a lot of money! Remember, there will be happiness and fond memories attached to these historical rings, they may only have been sold due to no more relatives. Embrace history!!


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