Money-making & money-saving ideas

There are loads of ways to put a little extra cash in your pocket, or towards your wedding, here are just a few of them!


There are loads of online questionnaire companies, which PAY you to answer their surveys! Each questionnaire doesn’t generally equate to much money (between 20p and £2), but if both you and your Husband-to-be fill out a few questionnaires a week, within a month or two you could be £10 richer. £10 is not loads, but that could go towards jewelry for your bridesmaids, or a gift for the Mother-of -the-Bride.

I personally, am signed up to, but there are loads more out there with a bank of money waiting to pay you! Just google them and see what works for you!

Cash-back websites

I have just signed up at – this site gives you cash back for purchasing items online. They do take the first £5 you make, but after that, anything you make is yours! If you are an online buyer, this could be a perfect option for you! Its also recommended by the Money Expert Martin Lewis, so that suggests its a worth while sign-up!

Comparison websites

Yes, they have some horrendously annoying TV  adverts (one in particular), but it is possible to save yourself a lot of money on things like car, house and contents insurance, pet insurance, plus loads of other things such as credit cards and loans. There are quite a few out there, such as:

go compare
compare the market

So its definitely worth shopping around to see where you can save, in some cases, HUNDREDS of pounds!!


Use vouchers to your advantage!! Boots often give out vouchers for £5 off this and that, and at the moment, they have a voucher to get an eye test for £5! Thats a saving of at least £15 if you pay the average amount with no deductions already due to job-seekers allowance etc! If you’re due an eye test then get hold of one of these vouchers!!

Tesco Clubcard vouchers are also pretty helpful! Save up your points, and you can get free rentals at Blockbuster, plus loads of other savings in stores across the UK! If you have a Tesco credit card you can also gain points by using it for general purchases – just remember to pay it off at the end of the month!

Loose change

You’d be surprised by how much money you can save by putting away odd coins into a money pot! It takes a long time to accumulate money from 1ps (unless you buy loads of 99p stuff!), but even over a year or so, all these pennies can add up to £5 or so pound. Up that to gold or silver coins and you can collate a large sum of money pretty quickly! So if you see a penny, PICK IT UP!

Sell your unwanted items

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.. well, yes! In some respects this is totally  true. Most people think of Ebay when they go to sell items, however this is not always very cost effective. Unless you start a bid at 99p or less, you get charged a fee, which kind of defeats the object of selling stuff.

A car bootsale can generate a lot of money in a relatively short space of time. You do have to pay £5 or so for the space, but usually you’d regain this in the amount of bits you sell, so isn’t as high of a sacrifice. Sort out all your old stuff, make sure its in good condition and get out there!!

A good way of making a little extra is by selling your clothes through a clothes refuge site. Some companies pay cash for the clothes you no longer want, as long as they are in a sale-able condition. The average amount is 50p per kilo (so £5 per 10kg), which although isn’t loads, it soon adds up if you have as many clothes that are no longer worn as I do! Shoes are a good way to up the weight, so go through all your old shoes and get rid of them! Even if you don’t make loads out of it, you’ll definitely make loads of space!

Just type “clothes for cash” into Google and you should get some local companies pop up. Many companies also take books as well now.

There are so many different ways of recouping a bit of cash whilst planning your wedding (or at any other time), but the main tip anyone can take on is DON’T BUY ANYTHING THAT ISN’T ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!! Bridal magazines are lovely, but expensive. A cup of coffee from a high-street vendor every morning is lovely, but expensive. Meals out twice a week, definitely lovely, but expensive!! There are so many costs we pay out for without even realising; we are putting our pin-code in and walking out of a shop with something which isn’t actually imperative. I am probably the worst for this, so I know how hard this is!! But being a bit frugal with money is the only way brides on a budget will be able to achieve their dream day!

So get signing up to money-making websites, and think next time you walk into the coffee shop……..

Hope it helps!

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