Marks and Spencers wedding cakes

Everyone I know loves cake! And although both myself and Mr M love cake, its not an area we are going to blow our budget on! Especially now we’ve seen Marks and Spencers gorgeous cake creations!

Not a company you’d immediately connect with wedding cakes, Marks and Spencers covers all areas; with chocolate, sponge and fruit cakes and for extremely reasonable prices.

My research has covered many bakeries, and none of them create cakes that come anywhere near the price range of M&S. The company suggests you order your cake at least 21 days in advance (to allow time for baking, and decorating etc), but after talking to many other budget brides who have had their cakes made by M&S, I’d like to relay their suggestion that you book at least a month and a half in advance – if not a little longer if you are really prepared!!! For example, if your wedding is in June, order your cake in mid-April at the latest. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared! However, if you are having a last minute wedding then I’m sure the M&S bakers could work to their 21 day suggestion!

So if you are on a budget, then definitely bear in mind the one of the UK’s oldest stores!

Here are a few examples of the lovely cakes you can purchase:

You can buy individual tiers if you feel creative and want to decorate your cake yourself, or a brilliant option if you are having an intimate wedding and don’t need a massive cake. Tiers range from £12-£55 each, and are available in sponge and fruit. Servings depend on size of tier.

A  very extravagant cake! Perfect for brides wanting to make a statement! (Fruit not included – an example of a styling option) £199. Serves 100.

A gorgeous cake! One of my particular favourites. Beautifully decorated with sugar paste roses. £199. Serves 144.

Modern and stylish chocolate cake. Would be brilliant for the girly bride! £199. Serves 150.

My other favourite M&S cake! Simple and understated, but looks brilliant! £179-£199. Serves 144.

Extra portions of the cake are also available for dessert servings at an additional cost.

But wait!!

Marks and Spencers do cupcakes too!!!

Belgian chocolate cupcakes. £35 for 48 cakes.

Strawberry and Vanilla cupcakes. £35 for 48 cakes.

Glitter Vanilla cupcakes. £35 for 48 cakes.



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