Making your own invitations? Get the most out of the internet!

One way of making DIY invitations is to use your computer, the internet, and Microsoft Word. Depending on your theme, your DIY prayers can be answered using Google Images!

Themes easily covered by Google Images:

There are some lovely photos uploaded onto google images which can be copied onto your computer and then transfered onto a microsoft word page to be printed out and turned into a lovely wedding invitation. This is how most companies produce the invitations they then sell on at a great profit to unsuspecting brides. Save yourself the money! All you need is some card, printing ink and a little computer know-how!

Here are a few examples of images I’ve collected while deliberating which theme to go with:


Perfect for a summery pink theme!

This would be brilliant for a spring/blue theme!

Modern theme

Summery graphic print – modern and quirky!

A very funky picture which would look great for the modern couple!

Trees and birds

Super colourful tree picture made out of a collage of butterflies

A very on-trend picture – birds are “very 2011”!

A personal favourite! On-trend muted colours perfect for any spring, summer or autumn weddings!


Vintagey yet modern! Very cool and fresh!

LOVE this pattern!! Vintage, perfect country style wedding.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, and found a photo or picture that ties in well you need to set up your invitation on microsoft word.

The easiest way of doing this is to put text boxes in the size of the invitation that you want to create onto the Microsoft word page. You can then resize your photo and text to fit the template.

See the walk through page for a step-by-step guide…

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