Dress your bridal party on a budget!

Its often seen as the Bride or Groom’s responsibility to pay for the outfits that members of their bridal party, such as the bridesmaids, flower-girls and groomsmen, especially if you are dictating what they can and can’t wear! But how do you keep it to a budget?!

Bridesmaids usually cause the most issues when it comes to finding outfits! They will all have their own taste and style, not to mention they will probably differ in size which can cause a problem if you want them to all match!

So where do you look to find affordable dresses?

There are shops online such as Dessy, who make gorgeous dresses, but they come at a price. Not extortionate prices, but if you have 4 bridesmaids it will probably add up to at least £600 (which doesn’t include shoes or accessories).

Littlewoods however, stock gorgeous colourful dresses at a fraction of the price, and there are often sales on!

Here are a few examples I found today:

£22.50 Teatro Side Frill Dress


£49.50 Trinny and Susannah Satin Ruffle Halter Neck Dress


£59.00 Teatro Draped Knotted Dress


Flower Girls

Littlewoods is also good for getting cute little outfits for flower girls:

£24.00 Ladybird Rosebud Dress


£17.00 Ladybird Cornelli Dress with Bow


Other good shops to look in:

Marks and Spencers
House of Fraser
New Look
Dorothy Perkins

Alternatively, you could have mismatched bridesmaids. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially with summer weddings which are often bright and cheerful.

The trick is to shop around. Highstreet store websites such as Debenhams, Littlewoods  and the others I have listed above,constantly have sales on and so it is easy to pick up a bargain!

For the Boys

Men are a lot easier to dress than us girls! Moss Bros is usually a good start if you want to save a bit of money and are willing to hire suits rather than buy them. Saying this, Moss currently have a sale on suits to buy on their website, with a minimum of 50% being knocked off the original price. They also have a discount code to get an extra 10% off aswell! (If you are interested the code is FR11 and you enter it at the checkout).

To hire the Classic Morning suit Package, which includes a two-piece suit, waistcoat, shirt, cravat or tie and hankerchief the price comes to £90. If you are hiring four or more suit packages, the Groom gets his free! So for 4 groomsmen, and the Groom, the total package comes to £360 (minus the underpants, sock, shoes and the men themselves!). This offer also applies if you are just hiring a two piece suit or the suit and waistcoat.

The Classic Morning Suit


Page Boys

Moss Bros also do gorgeous little suits for page boys!

For the mini version of the Classic Morning suit, the package including waistcoats, shirt, cravat or tie and hankerchief comes to £75!

The usual tricks of the trade

As with all aspects of budget wedding planning, the trick is to shop around, and shave off money where you can. By hiring suits rather than buying, you save at least 50% (unless you buy from a sale such as Moss Bros currently), and by using online websites such as Littlewoods, particulary after big occasions such as Christmas and New Year, you are sure to pick up some bargains!

Hope it helps!


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