Planning a wedding can run more smoothly if you choose a theme to base it on – and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

The easiest way to pick a theme, is to choose a colour palette that incorporates both you, and your husband to be’s favourite colours, and that coincides with the season you are getting married in.

For example, if you are getting married in the Spring, and your husband’s favourtie colour is blue, then a light dusky blue would look gorgeous. Offset this with a light pink and this will set the perfect base colour for a fresh and contempory spring affair.

Themes can be as obvious or subtle as you like. If you are having an informal low budget wedding, then invitations, favours and flowers in a particular colour can create a gorgeous subtle basis for your day. Obviously the more elaborate you wish to be, the extra expensive you will incur.

Popular, but still original themes

Popular themes such as butterflies can be used in both spring and summer weddings, and you can pick up cheap items off ebay, and from craft stores. It is also good to check out the for sale sections in the wedding forums online as people often sell items they have used for their own day, but have no use for now.

Another theme becoming more popular is the “vintage theme”. Dusky pinks, mink and ivory make a gorgeous palette for virtually every season. Pick up cheap romance novels from charity shops, wrap them with brown paper and use twine to attach a luggage tag. These can be used as place names and act as a favour for after!

Tea party themes are becoming increasingly popular, yet still manage to surprise and wow guests. Mismatched crockery from charity shops, bunting and bales of hay (only if you have an outdoors reception though!) provide an informal and quirky theme for creative couples. Cheap and definitely cheerful!

Remember, themes can be whatever you make them. They can be as elaborate or simple as you like, but what is most important is that you create an environment that you look back on and treasure. A simple colour scheme can sometimes be more effective than a day with too much detail.

As for myself and Mr M, we are, as usual, in the indecisive phase of theme planning. Now we have found our venue, we have to arrange a visit, and I’m sure the theme planning will begin from there!

Hope it helps!


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